Developer Information

When you open a website location using a legacy (HTML) browser, the browser looks for a file called index.html on your server, which is then displayed.

When you open a website location using a 3D web browser such as Infinity, the browser first looks for a file called root.xsg which if present defines a 3D website zone at that location.
If no root.xsg file is present, the 3D web browser looks for index.html and presents that as normal.

XSG can be thought of as the 3D equivalent of HTML. XSG stands for eXtendable Scene Graph. XSG encoded directed scene graphs define 3D web content.
XSG is an XML based format, optionally binary encoded (FastInfoSet with an external dictionary).

Please see tutorials accessible from the products page for information regarding how to create XSG content using interactive content creation packages such as 3D Studio Max and Blender.

Infinity user interface templates which can be used as a base for custom designs are available here.


1. Why not WebGL ?

There's nothing *web* about "web"GL. What this technology does is deliver 3D onto a page by driving openGL using javascript. This technolgy should be called jsGL.
Every "web"GL engine is different, so there's no way to hyperlink from content delivered in one applet to content in another.
Each time you visit a page with "web"GL on it, you have to download the entire graphics technology engine it's using as this solution delivers page specific functionality.
If all you want is your stuff shown on a page in a standard browser, "web"GL gets you that.
However, it's important to note that it doesn't deliver any kind of a web. A web links content from different sources stuff together.
This is why Advance Software has invented a 3D web browser - so we can deliver and use a 3D web.

2. Do you have to wear a Virtual Reality headset to use your technology ?

No, this is optional. You can run Infinity on a standard screen or on a compatible VR headset.
At the time of writing Infinity is Oculus Rift compatible, with support for other popular headsets to follow.