Build 2040 now available.

Changes in this release


Regression fixes.
Oculus Rift support - to activate, plug it in - will autodetect.
Use -desktop command line switch to bypass and use desktop instead when rift is connected.

Added level of detail support. Tutorial to follow.
New avatar (toggle third person mode using F2 key)
Move using mouse, cursor keys or gamepad (xbox 360 compatible). Shift runs.

Infinity Professional

Exporter animation & skinning regression fixes.

Blender tools & tutorial upgrade.

Infinity Professional For Lightwave
- requires Lightwave for Windows/64.
See release notes (after installing) for quickstart guide.

Infinity Professional For 3D Studio Max
Regression fixes and tutorial documentation update

Light shadow map on/off exported correctly & support added in Infinity Shader. Only one shadow casting light for now (directional or spot)

Check out Infinity Shader : real-time max viewport shader featuring custom shadow mapping (from one spotlight or directional for now).

Open beta continues.

Please also see animation trigger example (tutorial 2).

Infinity Professional For Blender
Get Infinity Professional for Blender.