Build 2363 is now available.


Changes :

Webpage support upgraded to latest Mozilla/Gecko (same code as firefox 123 beta 8) including upgraded compositor to address visual artifacts & performance.
Regression fixes.
FFmpeg upgrade.
Full screen webpages & revert regression resolved.
Refined gizmos in Infinity Edit. Improved Infinity Edit Texture Select.
Regression fixes.
Recalibrated optional XBox controller sensitivity.
Improved third person view controls - press F2 to toggle 1st/3rd person view.
Video playback system pivot to customized ffmpeg.
User interface refinements.
Edit mode particle system editor.
Upgraded wasmtime secure sandbox to 8.0.1
Tabbed browsing added to webpage panel navigation.
Browser: ctl-win key toggles browser UI on/off.
Webpage integration refinements - full screen mode fixes.
Virtual Reality mode - use any OpenXR compatible device.

Support for hand held VR 'touch' devices.
VR mirror to desktop added.

Web Assembly secure sandboxes - delivered by wasmtime.
Multi-user mode.
Video delivery via GStreamer

Infinity Professional

Warning: Infinity Shader for 3dsmax is broken at this time. Fixing is on to-do list.

Earlier refinements ...

Positional audio works with video & audio emitters. Not currently implemented for webpages, which play globally for now.

In the event of any difficulties, zap your Infinity cache, which can be found here :


<><> Infinity Raytracer : Enable using command line switch: -rt

When raytracer is enabled, it can be toggled on & off using the F3 key

Render quality can be adjusted using the command line switch -smooth=n

Where n is 1 to 4

This can be used in combination with the rt switch, however multi-sampling requires significant GPU resources so only smooth a raytraced scene if you have a very fast GPU or Infinty will run too slowly to be useful.

Infinity Pro

To ensure 3dsmax Plugin.UserSettings.ini is correctly configured, you may need to install as Administrator.


Content captures delivered to [ProgramData]/Infinity/media

C++ web assembly example code is now available.

Link: Example project

Infinity can now be run in multi-user mode. Up to 10 users per group for now.

You are auto-allocated into a group or specify -group=NameOfYourGroup on command line to start/join one of your own.

-name="MyName" on command line to override system username with whatever you want to be identified as.

You can talk to other users by toggling the address bar into talk mode by clicking on the icon to the right of the bar.

Each user is randomly assigned a placeholder avatar for now.

Single user version still available in case multi-user has problems or you don't want to use it.

Oculus Rift support - to activate, plug it in - will autodetect.
Use -desktop command line switch to bypass and use desktop instead when rift is connected.

Added level of detail support. Tutorial to follow.

New avatar (toggle third person mode using F2 key)

Move using mouse, cursor keys or gamepad (xbox 360 compatible). Shift runs.

Infinity Professional

Blender tools & tutorial upgrade.

Infinity Professional For 3D Studio Max
Infinity shader now supports selected polygon visualize.

Light shadow map on/off exported correctly & support added in Infinity Shader. Only one shadow casting light for now (directional or spot)

Check out Infinity Shader : real-time max viewport shader featuring custom shadow mapping (from one spotlight or directional for now).

Please also see animation trigger example (tutorial 2).

Infinity Professional For Blender

Now available from products page.

Infinity Professional For Lightwave

Requires Lightwave for Windows/64.
See release notes (after installing) for quickstart guide.

Open beta continues.

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