Advance Software recommends Blender 2.78a as this has been found to be the latest stable release.

Infinity Blender Toolz

Version 0.391

Updated : 11th April 2017

Changes in this release :

Plugin readme.pdf update.


Requires Infinity Virtual Reality 3D Web Browser.

Geometry support : Regular and skinned meshes (armatures) with or without animation.
Webpage and video textures are demonstrated in the tutorial.

Please check back often as the software will be updated regularly throughout the beta testing period.


Material Support

Our exporter supports cycles materials, with export from Diffuse BSDF and emissive channels.

Diffuse BSDF: one or two image textures per channel, with optional normal map as shown below.

Emissive: One or two image textures per channel.

The tutorial linked above provides an example containing compatible material configurations.

The exporter is python / open source, so if anyone feels like extending it to support additional material types, this can be done.

An example of an Infinity exporter compatible Cycles material showing a Diffuse BSDF setup with a normal map.

Terms And Conditions Of Use

This pre-release commercial software is in a beta testing phase. Install and use at your own risk. We advise that you do not have any important documents open in other applications whilst running any beta software as instabilities in the software could lead to loss of data.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure our software is of the highest possible quality, Advance Software cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your equipment or data, even if this software is found to have contributed towards such loss.

It is your responsibility to backup important data reguarly.
Please report any unexpected behaviour issues with our software,
including a means of reproducing the problem as this will help us isolate and address the problem as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest in our products and for your assistance in ensuring our software is of the highest possible quality.