Infinity 3D Web Browser User Interface Template

This template can be used by 3D Studio Max artists who wish to create custom Infinity User Interfaces.


1. Ensure you have installed the latest version of Infinity Professional from here.
Please use default install location to keep things simple whilst you're getting up to speed with the workflow.

2. Download:

3. Unzip this template custom UI into C:\Program Files (x86)\Infinity\ui\custom

4. Start Infinity, then select the custom UI from the preferences dialog (accessible from the browser toolbar). Close Infinity.

5. Start max in Windows Administrator mode (required for now because we'll be exporting into the Program Files directory.

6. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Infinity\ui\custom\3dsmax\toolbar.max

7. Drop a cube somewhere on the toolbar region.

8. Access <><> Toolz from the 3dsmax utility tab.

9. Hit Export. The path is preconfigured so just hit Export from the dialog. If the exporter says access denied, you didn't start max in administrator mode. Exit max & Go back to 5.

10. Exit 3dsmax. Start Infinity. You should see the template UI, now with the cube you placed in it for testing.


a. The preferences dialog has to be exported with single cycle animation selected from the exporter dialog - required for the sliders to work.

b. Keep texture use to the minimum on the ui because there's only so much vram & if you blow it all on the ui, there's not much left for the scene, which is an issue on low spec machines. If you don't care about the low end, go wild :)