Executive Summary

Infinity technology allows websites to be extended into three dimensions.
Infinity is unique and is the result of 20 years independent research and development.

Our technology convergences multiple media formats including :

People are bored of the same old websites, with the same old format and means of navigation. TV has stagnated. The ever increasing number of channels has resulted in more and more repeats and more and more low budget shows. By contrast, video games are exciting, new, interactive, constantly evolving and always breaking new ground.

By fusing the best of these three media formats, Advance Software has created a revolutionary new product that raises the bar in the online broadcast sector, enabling exciting new media opportunities to be explored. Existing de-facto browsers do not provide integrated support for 3D browsing and are therefore blocking progress. Our new 3D web browser enables a technological jump to occur leading to the successful establishment of the “3D webInternet”. Infinity is capable of navigating exciting next generation 3D websites which can seamlessly integrate traditional 2D web content and is backwards compatible with existing websites. Regular HTML webpages and other standard web content can be loaded as normal, providing a familiar environment for navigation of traditional content, fully integrated with a truly next generation browsing experience when navigating 3D content. Infinity runs optimally over a broadband Internet connection and is also usable over narrowband connections such as dial up (56k) modems.


Recent advances in home computer processing and 3D graphics technology have enabled advanced graphical applications to be developed using technology previously only available on expensive high-end graphics workstations. Intense competition in the processor (CPU) and graphics acceleration (GPU) markets has resulted in extremely powerful computers being developed at incredibly low prices. This combination of advanced features and low price have been the primary factors leading to the rapid adoption of powerful graphics workstations in the consumer PC market.

A modern PC (defined here as any machine sold within the last 2 years) cannot be considered complete without a powerful processor and an advanced 3D graphics accelerator. Adoption in the notebook/laptop PC market lags that of desktop machines due to cost and power consumption issues, however fast processors and low power 3D graphics accelerators are now standard features on most modern portable computers.

The availability of this technology, combined with the features of a modern operating system results in a powerful platform for new, innovative software products. To date, these capabilities have been under exploited by software outside of the video games and computer aided design industries.

High speed Internet access (broadband) is now widely available. Recent reductions in cost and increased market penetration of high-speed broadband Internet services creates a demand for innovative broadband software applications.

This combination of a rapidly evolving worldwide broadband Internet market and the advanced capabilities of modern PCs can be targeted by new, innovative computer software.

A major advance in the web browsing experience can now take place.

  Advance Software has developed two products :

Infinity may become the world’s first mainstream 3D web browser. The product seamlessly integrates into the standard WindowsTM desktop environment enabling it to become a natural successor to current generation 2D (html) web browsers.

Infinity will reach a worldwide audience of one billion (and growing) Internet users.

Infinity Professional works in conjunction with Autodesk's 3D Studio MaxTM (version 9 or later) to enable the creation of contemporary new 3D website content by computer graphics professionals.


3D Hyperlinks

The Infinity browser supports three dimensional hyperlinks. So, for example, a 3D website zone may incorporate a 3D hyperlink to a soft drink manufacturer's home page (say, a 3D spinning bottle). Website zones may include panels displaying online or offline “paged” content in a variety of formats such as web pages, flash, streaming video, etc. Multiple links or references can be made from within a single 3D website zone, simultaneously streaming information to the site visitor in an exciting contemporary format.

User Interface

Infinity implements a complete virtual reality 3D web browser user interface.

Interactive Webpages

Infinity can use a slightly modified version of the open source Mozilla “Gecko” webpage renderer to display and interact with webpages.


Infinity can use any standard Windows Media codec for video playback.

High Quality, Efficiently Compressed Images

Infinity uses jpeg-2000 as its default image format. Please see http://www.openjpeg.org for further details.

3D Website Object Custom Functionality


The Infinity software kernel is proprietary closed source C++ software and belongs entirely to Advance Software. The software is protected from unauthorised use by international laws such as the European Union Copyright Directive.

The Extensible Scene Graph (XSG) File Format

Many ‘virtual world’ file formats exist, ranging from open “standards” such as VRML (virtual reality modelling language) to the proprietary file formats of popular video games such as Quake or Unreal. No existing file format provides the flexibility 3D websites require, so Advance Software has designed a new open format based around the Internet standard XML architecture, which we have named XSG (eXtensible Scene Graph) . The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has also developed an XML based 3D file format known as X3D. This format has been examined and is considered unsuitable for our needs. It is possible to convert data between formats and software tools may be created to port content between technologies.


Mozilla is the underlying technology platform used by the popular Firefox web browser. The technology is based on the Netscape Communicator source code which was open sourced by Netscape and handed over to the Mozilla Foundation to administer several years ago. Infinity and Mozilla technologies are independent, but complementary. Infinity is not 'based on' Mozilla (nor vice versa). Infinity has the ability to use Mozilla's layout engine 'Gecko' (claimed to be the most standards-compliant web page rendering engine in existence) to enable display and interaction with web pages. It should be noted that there is no dependency between Infinity and Mozilla. Infinity and Mozilla are separate works that compliment each other. Infinity can run without any Mozilla components being present. Please visit mozilla.org for further information about the Mozilla project.

Alternative Products

Immersive web is an emerging technology.

Similar examples include :-

1. Aframe
  - A 3D web grammar that integrates into html pages, delivered by javascript/WebGL.

2. Linden Labs Second Life
  - An online video game with user customizable content.

3. Minecraft

4. VRChat

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